If you listen closely you can almost hear them as Bower gives life to the weirdly eccentric characters that inhabit the book.”

“I had to wonder when I republished DESERT TOWN would it work for today’s audience. Would it be buried under the shadow of such marvelous character interpretations of the film version? Well, the book is reaching a diverse audience and sales are doing very well. And truly one of the biggest reasons for this is because once again an extraordinary talent found in voice over actor, Michael Bower, who has taken the original material and elevated it to everything that Muller stated above. Oh, except for the Miklos Rosza violins. But f you listen closely you can almost hear them as Bower gives life to the weirdly eccentric characters that inhabit the book.

I am thrilled with every aspect of the audiobook. The acting is exceptional and I say acting because Bower doesn’t just monotonously read a book . . . no, he acts out the characters of the book. The production values are pristine and the timing is precise.

Bowers has in DESERT TOWN given us an audiobook that you can close your eyes to as you listen and just be taken away into a Technicolor world all in your own head. Ramona Stewart’s words and Michael Bower’s mastery of voice and communication equals nothing less than grand audio entertainment. Thank you Michael for reading the book and for placing yourself in the ranks of the great actors named above with your own special interpretation of this wonderful old crackerjack noir and giving it new life.”

– Michael Hudson February 2015



Caroline Harmon

audiobookreviewer.com | Reviewing “Pulse”

“Over all I enjoyed this story. It had a new twist to the ‘zombie’ vibe. I liked that. The narrator is Michael Bower. He has a nice voice. Sharp, crisp, and edgy at the right times. Perfect for a story like this.”

Ben Bridges

O’Brien Westerns

“It was a lucky day indeed when I found you, because I found not only the true voice of Carter O’Brien (a gun-swift, do-right character I’ve now lived with for more than thirty years), but also the voices of all the good guys, bad guys, soiled doves, lady ranchers, children, crotchety old-timers and savage red men around him. Thank you for that!”

Peter Harrett

Rings Of Hesaurun Series

“Michael is an incredible voice actor! We worked with him for a few months during our project and he was amazing, professional and talented! We look forward to working again with him in the next few months!”



Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens Complete Christmas Collection

“What a classic! This story and narration were phenomenal. Michael Bower’s Scourge was spot on. Working my way to the next stories, preparing for the upcoming holidays.”

AD Starrling

First Death – A Seventeen Series Short Story #1

“Michael Bower does a good job with the narration. The presentation is crisp and clear with voices to match characters.”

Eric J. Caron

Switched On: The Heart and Mind of a Special Agent

“Man he did a great job! I felt every word and I wrote it!!!! Love it.”



Torrey C. Butler

Where Do I Go from Here?

Mike did an awesome job and hit most of the sounds and wickets I envisioned. Some parts made me laugh too.

Wallace D. Wattles

Wallace D. WattlesCollection

“The narrator did a fantastic job in using modern technology to redeliver Wallace’s intended messages. The narrator’s charisma makes this collection a really fun and impactful listen.”

Jeremy Flagg – Author

Suburban Zombie High Trilogy

“Michael, You get me! More than that, you get the awkward and ironic humor of the book. That was the first time that proofing an audiobook was just downright fun.”